Wizards Murals

In 1999, these paintings were done collaboratively with Linda Hawkin Israel—with both of us painting, back and forth, on the same canvases. To our credit, we remained friends.

The murals are all about five feet by eight feet—acrylic on canvas.

This project was much more that these canvases, however. It involved painting a huge map of the sky on the ceiling of the hall, and making an actual, life-sized wizard in his study, complete with staff, cauldron, crystal ball, and potions. My daughter Aimee Rush worked with us on the wizard’' study, and we all had a great time doing this project. (See “About Doing the Wizards Project” for desciptions and pictures of the process, and the other two parts of the project.)

We imagined tracing the life of a single wizard—through his earnest early escapades, rescuing the fair damsel, dealing with dragons, and other mythical beasts, and finally, becoming playful (and all the more powerful because of it) as he got older and wiser.

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