The Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light
by Carol Hiltner

If you were called, in a dream, to Siberia to find some mystical tablets, would you actually go?

Trek in the remote and sacred Altai Mountains of Siberia from the comfort of your armchair, through the words and paintings of author/artist Carol Hiltner. Tablets of Light is the first of the Altai Chronicles series of high spiritual drama.

Breathe the mountain air into your lungs. Feel the weight of the pack, the heat, the cold, the hunger. Draw strength from the ecstatic dreams and visions of her quest to find and translate the mystical Tablets of Light.

If you are seeking deeper connection with Spirit, this is a “must read” of the compelling genre of Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman, Lynn Andrews, and Carlos Castaneda.

ISBN: 0-9713079-1-1
196 pages; full-color illustrations


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