Vol 4 October 2003       

Lloydine Argüelles
aka Bolon Ik
Mayan Time and the Sacred Feminine
with Lloydine Argüelles

by Carol Hiltner


We have reported in prior issues of the Spirit of Ma'at (see January 2002, José Argüelles and the Great Calendar Change) about the efforts of José Argüelles to help bring modern man into harmony with nature through the use of the Mayan Calendar.

Here, we speak with Lloydine Argüelles about the specifically feminine aspects of the Mayan Calendar and how the Dreamspell Kit she created with José can help bring harmony and balance.

She also shares how her separation from José (they worked together as husband and wife for two decades) has affected her transition into the new energies of the divine feminine.

Carol: What was your introduction to the Mayan Calendar?

Lloydine: That came through José. When we met, in 1981, I was a dancer and knew nothing about the Maya or their calendar system. He already had a lot of materials for teaching the new calendar, including large posterboard signs containing the Harmonic Index, the Sacred Calendar of the Mayan Tzolkis, and the 13x20 matrix.

Then as I began living according to the natural calendar, this gave a reference point for me to see, by comparison, how we are affected by living under the unnatural frequency of the Gregorian calendar.

For me, the summary of the Gregorian Calendar is that poem we're all supposed to remember — "Thirty days hath September..." and so on. I have never been able to remember that. It's illogical.

I began to see how the use of the mechanical clock and the Gregorian calendar had gotten us off course as a species, especially women.

Carol: How does our time reference affect our experience of life?

Lloydine: One thing it does is to put us out of touch with our inner knowing about our own body rhythms. This affects women in many ways.

For example, growing up in Mill Valley, California, with its canyons and redwoods and breathtaking views of the bays of San Francisco, I considered myself a nature girl. I had tremendous intuition and a profoundly developed right brain. I operated on instinct. And I spent a large part of my childhood being somewhat depressed because of the enforced schedule of being in school.

Another example has been the loss of women's ability to know when we are fertile. I believe this is one of the reasons our population is going so much out of control. I was lucky, because I had a biology teacher who told us it was possible to know when we were ovulating. But women don't know this any more. Partly through having a different kind of time enforced upon us, women have fallen asleep and lost the ability to know this.

Also, I knew when I conceived my baby. The doctor tried to figure out the time when my baby would be born, and I remember thinking, "I can figure that out for myself." Then when I started nursing my baby, my husband, who was an engineer, decided I should write down the clock-time whenever the baby nursed — and I did it! This for me offers a striking image of how we as women allow ourselves to be put into this manmade timing frequency, while at the same time realizing that it's not how we feel.

The Sacred Feminine could be described as the Chalice of Nature, in which woman is given the timing standard in the 28-day cycle of her menstruation. Now of course many will immediately say, "Yes, but my periods aren't twenty-eight days!" And my answer is, I believe that has a lot to do with living in manmade, artificial time.

So the point of making the change from the Gregorian to the Mayan calendar is really all about bringing back and honoring the Sacred Feminine. The Mayan calendar goes by the cycles of the moon. It's a 28-day, 13-month calendar. Living by that, we honor our sovereign right as humans to harmonize our lives with the rhythms that govern our biology.

Carol: Tell us something about the tools you and José developed for mapping our personal time.

Lloydine: Our basic idea was to design a kind of "playing" that would help people come into the realization that they are a part of everything and related to everything. That we are all connected. And that would help them live according to their natural cycles.

The tool we created for this is called the Dreamspell Kit — an interactive game that allows us to map our time in harmony with the 28-day cycle, and that also has other natural patterns within it — a 4-day pattern, a 13-day pattern, and a 13-month pattern. It all works on the principle of fractals, or the hermetic law, "As within, so without. As above, so below." Everything is a reflection of everything else.

Carol: My sense is that Dreamspell has to be experienced and cannot really be given in the scope of an article. But could you just give a small example of how it works?

Lloydine: To begin with, everything is based on the underlying harmony of a 13x20 grid, which comes out to 260 days, the "Tzolkin" of the Mayan calendar. Against that we have the 28-day cycles, the 13-month cycles, and the 4-day cycles.

The 4-day cycles go by color. The colors are red, white, blue, and yellow, with green as a "fifth force." Red has to do with Input, white is Source, blue is Process, yellow is Output, and green is the creation matrix itself. On a Red Day you would initiate something, and on a White Day you would refine it through meditation. On a Blue Day you would try to transform what you have initiated. And on a Yellow Day you would expect to see some ripening of what you have initiated.

There are other codes and icons that relate to the other cycles. So for example today is a Harmonic 52, meaning that it is the 52nd four-day period of the 260-day cycle. And it is a Blue Crystal Hand day, whose message, which comes out of the codes for the positions of this day in the total matrix, is this: "I dedicate in order to know, universalizing Healing. I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Self-generation."

So what you are learning with the Dreamspell Kit is to see everything as patterns — developing your ability to "see" through pattern recognition. It brings harmony between right and left brain, because while it is aligned with the natural cycles, the structure is mathematically precise.

If you're a numerologist and you enter into it, you will start to see a profound play in it of the numbers.

Carol: What happens when people use the Dreamspell Kit as a tool to map their lives? How does it change things?

Lloydine: There is an energy change, a shift of frequency.

I just had the experience of meeting 25 people in Serbia who were working with the Dreamspell, and the change in their energy was impressive. There was a certain playfulness.

I see this often. People become more childlike. Once they have questioned Gregorian time, this opens them up to questioning other things, opens up their belief systems — and everything becomes more playful.

We held a 7-week seminar in Chile with about 120 people from 17 different countries where we explored the idea of living according to the Dreamspell codes. In the experiment, there were kitchen chores that had to be done each day, and these were assigned according to people's Earth Family. There are five Earth Families, so every fifth day is going to be your personal Earth Family Day.

And we realized that there was a tremendous efficiency when people operated by their Earth Family. We found that we had a collective of humans working together and cooperating, and competing righteously to see if they could make their day of service be better. It was totally unlike the kind of resistance you get living in clock time. What people were doing came out of their natural rhythms, instead of an assignment that had been arbitrarily imposed upon them from outside.

The idea is that we are organizing ourselves based upon natural time, rather than a hierarchy of people.

Carol: What are some of the other aspects of the codes.

Lloydine: The years have codes that change. Everyone goes through red, white, blue, and yellow years. There are thirteen tones, and each year and each element in any cycle of 13 has a tone, cycling through Magnetic, Lunar, Electric, Self-existing (manifest), Overtone, Rhythmic, Resonant, Galactic, Solar, Planetary, Spectral, Crystal, and Cosmic. Those are the tones.

The glyphs, or icons of the 20-count are Dragon, Wind, Night, Seed, Serpent, World-Bridger, Hand, Star, Moon, Dog, Monkey, Human, Skywalker, Wizard, Eagle, Warrior, Earth, Mirror, Storm, and Sun. Each has an associated color and each stands for a particular action, creative power, and function. For example, the color for the Hand glyph is blue, and the action with which it is associated is knowing. Its creative power is accomplishment and its function is healing. The corresponding color, action, creative power, and function for the Wizard are white, enchanting, timelessness, and receptivity. This year we are in the White Spectral Wizard year. Next year will be a Blue Crystal Storm.

You can see that this language is connected very much to the art process: It takes us from "time is money" to "time is art," and asks how we can reframe ourselves in a more artful way. It is a language we evolved out of what was initially the Maya mathematical knowledge-base, 260-day sacred count.

The Dreamspell is called the Journey of TimeShip Earth 2013. We are lost navigators and we need to get ourselves back on course in time.

Carol: I know that you have been going through some profound "feminine energy" changes yourself in this work. Can you talk about this?

Lloydine: What happened was that I became too dogmatic in working with the calendar, and working so hard to take this message around the planet, that I lost my true self.

I finally realized I had fallen prey to the Way of Being a Teacher. And sometimes when you do that you can solidify so that you forget to grow, yourself. Right now I am in a released place of being divorced, finding the delight of self-discovery, and trying to practice what I was preaching out there. I'm waking up from all that and realizing, "Hello, isn't this what you've taught for a long time? Now you get to practice it."

My "feminine intuition" was never validated in the world in which I grew up. Also, I was blessed with having a beautiful face and being intelligent, but it has been a real challenge to understand that we can only know our true path through humility. To find spiritual awe, to have those "aha" experiences, to receive the messages that come when we are in despair — for those things, we have to humble ourselves.

Part of this return to the Divine Feminine is to get rid of the guru trip. This is especially necessary for women, who still have a tendency, no matter how much they are feeling empowered, to think that the male voice is the one that's going to give them the answer.

My way is different from José's way. As long as I used his value judgment to determine what was right, I couldn't even remember the facts. Traveling around the planet, I lost touch with my body. I put on weight, I was getting sick all the time.

Now, I'm dancing again. That's what I was doing when I met José. And I have not gotten sick in the past year.

Carol: Now that you have completed your relationships with José, are you seeing that a dynamic of change needs to happen for all male-female relationships?

Lloydine: One of our needs as humans is to understand that death is a part of life, and that duality creates polarity, which divides. And we're really looking for higher unity, embracing both marriage and divorce. Any heavy dogma we carry is not going to work. The "perfect couple" is really a form of idolatry.

If you're not living your own truth, it's going to catch up with you. There is a universal truth that is pulling us all forward. We hear it when people say, "Maybe we've already gotten the critical mass we needed." We see evidences of this when we watch Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

I keep seeing that it's all a networking process. There are "keys" that bring in cooperation between different groups of people. The key I've been focusing on is this thing about timing and frequencies, but we are all basically saying the same thing. There are resonances between all the different paths. If we can see it that way, then we can understand that there is something even more integrative we can reach, a sharing of our resources and our understanding.

Each one of us has to come to this balance. Each one can either be a masculine controller or a feminine receptor. With natural time people become naturally more intelligent — following their joy, going where their heart takes them.

What if everybody suddenly realized that time was their ally, and they could do what they really wanted to do? Tremendous fear from the control factor says there would be chaos. But our experiments say that people would find their way. Each one of us within our own hearts holds a "basic goodness."

I live without fear. I'm not afraid. I don't think I will ever be, because I believe that Great Spirit is in control, and if I pray and if I am humble, I will find my way. I have confidence that there is something greater moving us. It's not money that makes the world work, it's human energy.

Lloydine Arguelles holds a master's degree in modern dance. Her career as a professional dancer included teaching at the University of Colorado, the Naropa Institute, and the Boulder Dance Odyssey, where she was a director/choreographer until 1981.

In 1983, Lloydine was instrumental with her then-husband, José Argüelles, in forming the Planet Art Network in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence Peace Meditation of August 16-17, 1987.

While on a two-year retreat on in Hawaii in 1990-91, Lloydine collaborated with José in creating Dreamspell, The Journey of TimeShip Earth 2013, which has been translated into more than eight languages and is available through the website Tortuga.com.

From 1989 to 2000, Lloydine, also known as Bolon Ik, devoted herself to assisting José with deciphering the Mayan codes of time and communicating the message of the new time of peace based on thirteen perfect months of 28 days, and designed dance ceremonies to help present the Calendar Change. Together, José and Lloydine have seeded the message of Calendar Change to over seventeen countries.

Lloydine currently lives in Aloha, Oregon, and is available for speaking engagements on the theme of "The Art of Time and the Return of the Feminine Origin." She may be reached by phone at 503-259-9970, by email at BolonIk@Imagina.com, or by visiting the website FoundationForTheLawOfTime.org.