Vol 3 December 2002       

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The Watercard
From Russia
With Love

with Victor Vergun

by Carol Hiltner


watercardTo purify water without physically contacting it, Russian physician Victor Vergun has developed a bit of technology that looks something like a credit card. A container of water or juice is set on it, and in a few minutes the liquid is measurably purer (click on image to enlarge).

Vergun has the scientific test data to back him up. He's been working on this for ten years, and he joked that his improving credibility is indicated by the location of his articles in scientific journals — they are getting closer to the front.

Spirit of Ma'at writer Carol Hiltner visited his Moscow apartment with translator Natasha Baranova to hear what he had to say, and to personally taste-test his results. Victor's wife Zhenya also translated, and they were joined by a physician from Kazan, who was using this technology in his practice, and the physician's wife.

We all sat down and, without ceremony, Victor began to talk.

Victor: This is about the state of water and the qualities of water as part of the environment. We describe what water is. Ten years ago... [to Carol] Can you smile?

Carol: [Everyone laughed.] Yes, of course.

Victor: Ten years ago, the best scientists of Russia — mathematicians and physicists — gathered. And they managed to describe the qualities of water. They made an exact mathematical description.

All matter remains in a sort of state that can be described. All matter can be described exactly — but not by quantitative parameters. We were able to describe the quality of the water — and any other matter, in general.

[Victor brought out a bottle of mineral water, poured some in a couple of glasses, and set one glass on his apparatus — a plastic-laminated card with some lines printed on it.]

We worked out a method to define the state of water — this is currently the most profound and precise method that exists. We have equipment that can restore its natural quality, which means that we can can install equipment in the water system in any city.

We can solve the problem of bad water in any country. In Southeast Asia, they have a problem with water — there is no water for drinking. The people who must drink this water all have diseases.

When we establish this equipment in the water supply system, the water from the pipes will be like water from a spring — it will have natural qualities. For instance, if we put this equipment in Seattle you would have spring water.

Natasha: Excuse me, I have a question. Drunvalo says that water loses an electron when it runs through pipes.

Victor: The answer. This is a process of the interaction of different systems and materials. Everything is a system, and every system interacts, whether we are aware of it or not. If this particular system is going to be installed on a pipe, the pipe is not going to be aggressive toward the water — it's not going to be taking electrons from the water.

Natasha: But it's not the pipe.

Zhenya: The pressure can be created by any equipment — the pipe, the pump...

Victor: The process is more complicated. People are accustomed to looking only at regular parameters — they are trying to determine quantity rather than quality. But with our equipment, the state of the water would be the exact one that is needed in a particular situation or a particular person.

If you are ready to speak about water on a scientific level, I can show you everything I have done.

Carol: No, unfortunately I am not. But, for readers who are, it would be valuable to know how this information can be obtained.

Natasha: Your work is of interest not only to scientists, but also to many people who are not scientists, so maybe you can tell us what it means to purify water using your equipment — your technique, your methods.

Victor: Human beings and everything that is alive here on earth absorbs a lot of information about life — which is in water. We don't drink just water. We drink information also. That's why, if we want to speak about water, we must speak about the information that it contains.

This equipment restores the original information to the water. This means that its qualities or "state" are restored. The more information about life that the water has, the higher the quality of the water is. That is the key principle here. Unlike other equipment, we are trying to affect the information.

Carol: What form does this information take?

Victor: Water has a molecular structure. Water, or any matter, has a vortex structure.

Carol: Within each molecule?

Victor: Yes. The information is contained within the motion of the vortexes. All matter can be described in such a way. When water is coming down and through the ground, crystals affect this water, and they pass on the information that they hold on a molecular level. The vortex is the place where the matter is synthesized.

Natasha: What are you holding? [Victor has picked up a plastic-laminated card.]

Victor: An "energy-restoring applicator." It can affect not only water, but also your health. This man is a doctor from Kazan [referring to the other man sitting with us]. He is using the applicator in his practice, helping patients.

Natasha: [looking skeptically at the "applicator"] What is it? A piece of paper?

Victor: It's not important how this thing looks, or the size of it. What is more important is the energy field that it provides. Just as a little bit of poison, just a little bit of white powder, can be kill a number of people, in the same way, one can say about this equipment that it doesn't look so impressive.

The group of scientists decided to find a way to describe any kind of process which exists within living matter. They wanted to know why all matter is degrading right now — why nature is being destroyed where human beings are interacting with nature; why water is being destroyed and is becoming worse and worse, and why the human being itself is degrading, especially in the United States. Degradation is the strongest there, because life processes are being replaced with artificial laws.

We were able to describe those processes and understand the mechanisms behind them, and to find a mathematical description of those processes. This is the fundamental knowledge in science. We consider all processes as systems.

Carol: So if someone knows how to ask the right questions, they can come to you with these questions, and you will give them the mathematical information?

Victor: No problem. Let's translate it into English and publish it in America. [Victor picked up his book and flipped through the pages.]

Now, about water. We were able to describe the process that takes place inside water, and we were able to understand what processes were happening there. And also to create some equipment that can restore the water to its original nature.

The water and its qualities were destroyed when human beings interfered in the process of the structure of water.

So, what do we have today? We have equipment enough to make the Mississippi River like spring water. It's impossible to do in Moscow because our mayor doesn't want it.

Zhenya: That was a joke...

Natasha: No, it's not a joke — they don't want it.

Zhenya: It is possible to do it technically, but...

Victor: For instance, in Saudi Arabia, they drink pure water, but it's dead water — there is no life information. It's distilled.

Therefore, their digestive systems suffer severely. If they used our equipment on the equipment they use to purify their seawater, the water would remain in a good state.

We are able to put this equipment in every city so that the water will be like spring water. Everyone is so concerned with water. They have conferences and exhibitions.

[Victor picked up a colorful publication and flipped through it, showing photographs and schematics of all kinds of water filtering systems.]

These are materials from the conference called "The Best Water in Russia." Different filters, different systems to purify it. But water has memory. It doesn't make any sense just to purify it.

And now it is getting worse, because people have figured out ways to attack atoms, so the problem is getting even deeper. They give it a different kind of information, which is useless because it doesn't work with the main problem of restoring the life information to water.

Carol: So what you're saying is that taking out the impurities does not restore the water?

Zhenya: Exactly. Because we are not affecting the information. Rather, we are destroying it further and further.

Victor: That's the general level in the world today. No one takes it seriously. And no one has the equipment to restore the water, especially what we have destroyed ourselves within the water.

[Now Victor had Natasha and Carol taste the water from the two glasses — treated and untreated. Natasha felt she could taste a difference, Carol did not. So he got some fruit juice and poured some into two glasses to repeat the experiment.]

The recorded structure of all living matter is printed on the "applicator cards" [on which the glass of water was sitting].

Matter is either being synthesized or destroyed, constantly. When this equipment resonates with anything, then matter is being affected by the energy field radiated by this equipment,

There are a lot of processes of destruction in the environment right now — air and water pollution — it's destruction. But also, in nature, there is a mechanism which restores what needs to be restored.

Zhenya: For example, our body has mechanisms for creating itself. That's how we grow — we have an informational field that determines how our bodies will look, for example. Again, all living matter has the ability to synthesized and grow itself. The problem is that human beings are losing those mechanisms right now, and that's why we are degrading.

We were able to define and duplicate this natural mechanism, in mathematical terms. And we have written this process down on this piece of paper.

Carol: Is this some kind of code? Or a waveform? Or what?

Victor: A portion of this information is what people are trying to decode in the Egyptian pyramids. People have been trying to solve this problem for thousands of years. The Egyptians left information for us about the process which takes place in live matter.

The hieroglyphs in the Egyptian pyramids that they are still trying to decode? They can't do it, because they are trying to decode each hieroglyph separately, like an alphabet. It is like a poem, and they try to decode every letter. This poem describes the sequence of the processes which take place in the world — the sequence of the periods of different gravitational centers and waves that generate the matter; about the way of materializing the thoughts: the mental image. The mental image comes first.

The pyramids are like a television set where we can see how matter is being generated.

The organization of our life is dependent upon the organization of our thought process. Our equipment is describing the way of materialization — the way of creating living matter. And when matter is resonating with it, matter is basically being restored by the parameter of evolution. It is rejuvenating. True matter is not being destroyed, it is constantly evolving.

Therefore, in conclusion, we are describing how the human being can live eternally. Because we are built of the same matter, and matter can exist for eternity when it is being continually regenerated.

This is more than just a technique for water. There is a method for restoring each nation. It is all brought down to the ten exercises the human being can learn to use to regenerate [see Water Laws]. But water is especially important because it's such a special form of matter. It contains the information and carries it on.

[The fruit juice had been sitting on the "applicator" for a while, and now Victor offered it to Carol to taste. Comparing the treated and the untreated, Carol noted that the treated juice not only tasted sweeter, but also gave off more aroma.]

Zhenya: This is a clear illustration of what happens in your body as well when we are using the applicator.

Carol: Does that mean that I will suddenly be sweet?

Victor: If you are carrying the applicator, yes, you will.

Incidentally, people are having a problem with the radiation from mobile phones right now. In the same way, the applicator can help immensely with this problem.

The key point is that everything is radiation-based. There are energy fields everywhere. How come some of them are harmful and some of them are good? Every technological radiation has parameters to its wave. It can be exactly described, and we have descriptions and research on this.

So even if the radiation is reduced, it's still affecting the body according to homeopathic principles — even a tiny bit of matter carries on the information and still affects you. Therefore, the field not only needs to be reduced, but the energy wave must be changed to become similar to the natural radiation.

So the applicator doesn't just reduce the radiation around you, it changes it. The radiation becomes compatible with natural radiation and therefore is not harmful any longer.

[Now Victor handed the cards — the "energy restoring applicators" — to Natasha and Carol.]

Don't perform tactical movements with this card in your hand, because it is powerful. Rather, listen to it. Right now, it is adjusting and resonating with your body, and looking for your particular problems and working in the exact spot where it is needed for you.

So, anywhere that you have a problem, pay attention there, and you will magnify the effect.

We conducted research at the Institute of Construction Materials. The research says that the construction blocks become stronger by 20 percent. During the research, they realized that the blocks were becoming stronger by 75 percent, but they couldn't believe it, and they just couldn't put it on the paper, so they put 20 percent.

Zhenya: [laughing] It's the Russian way.

Victor: [picked up a stack of journals and reports in which tests on the "applicator" were reported, and started leafing through them, explaining generally what each one said.] Airplane pilots also used this equipment on their planes for a year. Basically, there is no chance that the plane will crash, because if there is a problem with the engine, for example, it is going to be discovered on the ground. Also, the metal itself is re-generating — its molecular structure has an informational field to it. Any mechanism works better with the card. You can put it on a car.

The plane will not be hijacked if this equipment is on the plane. [Carol raises her eyebrows.] I can see that this needs to be explained further. You see, for hijacking the plane, someone, somewhere has an aggressive thought, and is planning on doing that. This applicator will work with the thought. It will be eliminated, and therefore, the event will not take place.

It's the same way with a ship or submarine. It can also affect the general atmosphere of a boat, for example, or an apartment.

The Russian Ministry of Health conducted experiments with people who had high blood pressure, and the high blood pressure went down in 100 percent of the cases. This doctor [who was with us] got very interested. He is a gynecologist/urologist.

We tested this on cognac and wine, and it makes it better.

River water is purified. There is a regional letter from the people of the Czech Republic. [He showed it to us.] They put the equipment in the river there, and people noticed changes in the water of the river. So we have industrial-sized equipment as well.

The quality of welding is much better. So basically, wherever we found people who were interested and were willing to conduct experiments, they did them and documented the results. We are constantly making the effort to let people know about this.

Carol: It's a classic situation for a new technology.

Victor: We have a document from the Physics/Chemistry Institute. They concluded that, yes, the quality of water was amazing after this.

It is also a new way of improving the sound of any musical instrument. You can also put it on your chest if you are a singer.

Zhenya: I have experienced that. I am no singer, but I put it on my chest and I was able to make a better sound.

Victor: You should keep in on you, and during the day, you should listen to how you feel, and that will maximize its effect, but also it will work independently — just not as effectively as when you pay attention to it.

Carol: What is the mechanism that causes it to work? What have you put on the paper?

Victor: It's secret information — it's know-how.

Carol: Can you tell me anything about the nature of how it works?

Victor: It's resonating with every process of generating matter, and this improves the process. In a similar way to how icons affect you. It's like music or any piece of art. If you interact with music, for example, if you are listening, then it has an effect. [Natasha turns the applicator over in her hands.] Be careful, it's alive, so treat it accordingly.

When you listen to music very attentively, paying complete attention to it, when you listen to it with every cell, the music affects you in very much the same way as the applicator does. And this applicator contains thousands and thousands of different melodies.

Carol: How did this all start?

Victor: I was working in Europe, as an expert in informational technologies working for UNESCO. In those days I was very popular. People were trying to understand the spiritual world. Everyone was looking at subtle energies. So our Russian scientists were trying to get me back here, and I finally came, and was working for the government, as an expert again, for the Duma [the Russian Parliament] for seven years.

Carol: If you've been working for the Duma, it would seem that someone would be interested.

Victor: Let's not talk about sad things.

I had my own group of scientists, but it was easy for me to work for the Duma because they had copy machines, computers, a free office...

Carol: But they don't listen to you?

Victor: No, they don't listen. When I understood that they were not going to listen to me, I told them, "You are all my patients. To make you understand me, I need to cure you first." I'm a doctor. They agreed, but when I said I was going to charge them money...

There were many attempts to create something like this — to solve this problem. It was not good enough, so our group decided to find the answer ourselves. Based on mathematics and physics, we were able to describe precisely any process that exists. So our group was not the only one trying to solve this. We were lucky.

We have a method of describing the water — how to determine its quality exactly and quickly, and equipment to restore its quality.

Carol: So you are now looking for people to utilize the technology?

Victor: Yes, we are looking for people who need it, and we cannot find them. We personally are using it.

Natasha: People are not aware.

Zhenya: Exactly. Your very question: "What is it? A piece of paper? How can it possible work?"

Natasha: But many people cannot believe that this piece of paper can have an effect.

Zhenya: And even when they taste the difference in the water, it still doesn't work.

Carol: You say this is alive?

Victor: Yes.

Carol: What do you mean by that?

Victor: It uses the same mechanism of generating matter as any other living thing. Scientists are attempting to create artificial intelligence, but we also know that they are not successful thus far. There is only one reason for that, which is that once intelligence exists it's no longer "artificial" — it exists! Where is the boundary if a system of matter interacts with other systems?

Carol: So basically, everything that exists is alive?

Victor: Yes. When this matter gets complicated enough to be an open system, to be tuned to space, then it's becoming self-regulating, independent, and self-organizing. And processes within this system are compatible with processes that we can say are alive.

Human beings, for example, are an open system. If we close, which is, by the way, what is happening — we are closing up — then we are being destroyed. We are closing when we are not listening to the space or matter that we consist of; we are dying — not exchanging information, not self-organizing.

From that perspective, we have chemical bodies — not physical bodies — because the chemical reaction is still going on, yet we are not open. That's what happening with 99 percent of the population.

Would you like a little illustration?

Carol: Sure.

Victor: Everyone take a piece of bread, and put this piece of bread in your left hand, and listen to the bread with your palm, trying to hear. Listen how your palm is being filled with the sky, becoming heavy and soft. If your palm is too heavy — if it's very full with the sky — then slowly the sky is going into your body. But only if it's too full. When the sky gets into your body, you can listen with your whole body to the sky.

Try to feel the sky in every cell of your body. Every cell is being filled. Please open your eyes [Carol had closed her eyes]. This is not a meditation — it's a natural, living process. It's not mystical — it's a normal process. There are no extra-sensors in this room.

Can you feel the heaviness in your palm? On the edge of your attention, you can hear how the bread is listening to the sky as well.

Zhenya: I said, "Sometimes I forget very simple words." He said, "Listen to the sky, and you will remember them.

Victor: Okay, this is enough. Now, very carefully compare the aroma of the bread in your hand, with this other bread. [Natasha laughed.]

The bread that you had on your palm is tastier. You can try tasting them to compare. In this case, the bread was only the indicator. You held the bread on your palm just to make sure what was happening to your every cell.

Feel your palm — the one that was holding the bread. It's warmer, it's softer. Why? When we were listening to the sky, the cells on our palms already became softer, so during these few minutes, they are actually in that state that they are supposed to be in.

Carol: So if we can do this by simply imagining the sky, why do we need the technology.

Victor: If you are capable of doing it constantly, then you don't need any technology. That's where we're trying to get — all of us. But I'm using this applicator myself because I'm not there yet.

A human being, or any other living creature, is not tuned to the state, and is not listening and paying attention constantly, but rather he is becoming more condensed. Awareness is a key principle of existing as living matter.

We were able to precisely describe it, and we found the language that enabled us to create exercises and give them to people. In the chain of problems, if we can find the chief problem, and solve it first, then the whole chain will fall apart. Therefore, I recommend that you do these exercises, and when you are capable of doing them well, you can proceed with any other ones you want.

The applicator will not replace what the human being can do. It can help you restore the mechanism for generating matter, but then you will have to proceed yourself.

Zhenya: So, we are responsible for taking care of ourselves, and this can help in the first stages. But everything around us — all the radiation that we have, all the ecological problems that we have to deal with — can be solved using this technology.

Victor Vasilievich Vergun can be reached by telephone at 0117-095-582-0763. His website (in Russian) is at Ocean-TV.ru. You can email him at Vergun@Ocean-TV.ru

An applicator card costs $20 US.

Please see also the translation of excerpts from Victor's book about how to put ourselves into harmony with the highest "information" that surrounds us, Water Laws.