Vol 3 May 2003       

The Concert by Chagall
Shamanic Conscious Dreaming
with Biven Mamonta
by Carol Hiltner


For the past six weeks, Siberian shaman Biven Mamonta of the Russian Esoteric Center has been traveling in the United States "teaching happiness."

In my contact with Biven, I have learned much from him about waking dreams, or conscious dreaming, and have come to understand that his teaching of happiness relates to conscious dreaming — the essence of shamanism.

Different from "lucid dreaming," conscious dreaming involves entering into the world of the dreamtime from a waking state, bringing one's waking consciousness along. And the purpose of conscious dreaming, at least as Beven Mamonta teaches it, is to achieve direct connection with God.

Carol: In your shamanic practice, how do you develop this ability to dream consciously?

Biven: By looking into the world of dreams. Ancient people had a practice of looking into the darkness. This practice opens the door to the world of dreams.

Shamans would get into soft duvet bags, covered up to the neck, creating a special, comfortable condition and softness for the body. They directed their sight into the darkness, and listened to monotonous sounds.

In modern times, you can use a tape recorder with soft pleasant music or formulas of suggestion.

Look in front of yourself by defocusing your sight, and try to see (with expectation) the world of dreams. Soon you will be able to distinguish an orange or purple-green spot in front of you.

Afterward, pictures of dream visions of first, second, and third types will start to flow in front of your sight. The first type is color, the second is symbol, and the third, reality. You will be able to receive answers to your questions.

Continued practices in full darkness are known in Tibet and India. You will be able to try them in complete darkness in a sound-isolated room, lying in bed and contemplating. You could begin staying awake at night and sleeping during the day. Or you can put on an eye-mask and use earplugs.

It is important that it is warm and not stuffy in the room.

When all the feelings of the ordinary world are disconnected, emotions are calm; a person passes automatically to seeing the finer world. Then, you attract the necessary information through your intent. This takes practice. It's something you have to learn.

Carol: Do shamans use conscious dreams in a particular way?

Biven: Shamans use the world of dreams both to help other people and for their own personal development. For all shamans, there are three worlds: the Lower World, the Middle World, and the Higher World.

Shamans travel to the Lower World in the body of dreams to, for example, release a person from diseases, bad habits, and attachments. A shaman might travel to the Higher World to help people to change their destiny, reveal talents, find a spouse, or expand a business. And a shaman might travel to the Middle World to search and attract a child's soul, or to attract a good harvest.

With ritual and through journeying dreams, a shaman, together with like-minded people, can bring his intentions for Light to the world on Earth.

Carol: What kind of information can be received in conscious dreams?

Biven: By traveling through the worlds, a shaman is able to bring information to our world from past, present, and future. A person may apply to a shaman for help in order to find out what happened, what is going on now, or what will happen.

Very often, children's parents apply to a shaman to understand the child's genius and the direction of his development. A young woman can determine whether a certain young man is suitable to her. Businessmen can determine which direction they should take in their dealings. Lately, many politicians and actors have been seeking assistance from shamans.

Carol: How reliable can this information be?

Biven: For example, Bogomudr Altai Kagan [the head of the Russian Esoteric Center, and Biven's teacher] delivers information from the future about whole countries and all of mankind. And the truth of it has been proven by events.

There is a saying in Russia: "It will be given according to your faith." It works like this. Information is trustworthy if the person who comes to a shaman for help genuinely applies to him as to the last hope — without reservation. If a person doubts, the answers that come to him are woven from those doubts.

Carol: Can conscious dreams be used as a method for healing?

Biven: Yes, sure, all kinds of healing can occur through conscious dreams. But the healing does not apply just to a person's body. Today's shamanism wishes to awaken a person's Soul and direct it to awakening the Spirit.

Outwardly, this awakening shows up in the recovery of health and differences in the way a person relates to other people and the environment. This awakening occurs through development of such abilities as healing, magic, dreamwork, telepathy, and Russian tantra (which we call kupela).

Carol: What are the ethics around such work?

Biven: A shaman's morals are ruled by love. Love allows a person to open his Soul and lead his awareness toward comprehension of the Divine Power. This love is eternal and inexhaustible, unlike a man's earthly love toward another person or an animal.

Love is indivisible. You must love all, or you will consist of both love and not-love, and that is the most terrible disease. When a man loves only a part of God, the other part resents and starts to annoy the person, transforming into an evil spirit. And it is very hard to overcome this.

Nowadays, this disease affects many people, and only a shaman can save them. Shamanism may be a person's last hope. He must heal himself and all of mankind, the Earth, and the Universe.

Carol: Why would someone want to learn how to do conscious dreaming themselves, rather than going to a shaman?

Biven: A human being is almost blind in his life, perceiving only a part of what exists. From childhood, a person has been taught to see only the physical, material world. Little babies and animals are able to see auras, spirits and ghosts easily. However, a grown-up is deprived of this ability.

If we were to draw a graph and mark the spectra that are visible to the human eye as one centimeter, all that our eye cannot see would make a line of 13 billion kilometers on the graph.

It is possible to regain such sight, or master vision. The human has a special organ which is capable of perceiving much better than the eyes do. Using this special way of perceiving, a person can see not only the objects of this world, no longer needing telescopes or microscopes, but also the endless and diverse worlds inhabited by creatures not visible in our everyday world.

With this vision, not only can one find treasures and see through walls, but one can also know people's thoughts, and the past and future. Eventually, one will see the divinity in all its celebration, and all of that united, never-ending, and alive world, simultaneously experiencing everything that is happening within the innumerable crowds of creatures who inhabit these worlds.

Through studying with a shaman, a person can develop all these possibilities to perfection over ten years, instead of wasting time on simple vegetation. Simple exercises will help you to retrieve the lost ability to do conscious dreaming, but a system of discipline is necessary. The first steps on this way will reveal amazing possibilities.

Carol: Is there more to shamanism than just conscious dreaming?

Biven: There is another part. Carlos Castenada called it "stalking." First, you use conscious dreaming to find what you are seeking in the "other world." Then, using your intention, you learn how to maneuver between the spaces of this world.

To the outside, the stalker appears to be a Sacred Fool.

Biven Mamonta invites contact from readers of Spirit of Ma'at. He may be reached by email at Zoodiak@hotbox.ru. Information about the Russian Esoteric Center of Bogomudr Altai Kagan, including seminars, books, sacred music, and esoteric tours, is available in English at Bodomudr.org.

For another article we received from Biven while he was here, please see A Siberian Shaman in America in the April 2003 Spirit of Ma'at.