Vol 3 January 2003       

Altai scene
Fulfilling an
Ancient Prophecy

The White
Burhan of
the Altais

with Raduga Romanova
and Vadim Mikhailov

by Carol Hiltner

On the southern edge of Siberia, half way between the Ural Mountains and Lake Baikal, there is a vast mountain range called Altai: "Golden Mountains." This entire remote and pristine region is highly sacred.

This place is said to contain a gate to Shambhala and to be the origin of shamanism. The word "shaman" comes from the Chinese shan min: mountain people.

Many Russian pilgrims journey into these mountains and are consistently rewarded with visions and initiatory experiences, resulting in a continuing stream of healings, miracles, revelations, and prophecies that are almost completely unknown in the West.

Two books are available in English about such experiences: Entering the Circle, by Russian psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi,[1] and the Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light, by Carol Hiltner, author of this article and long-time writer for the Spirit of Ma'at.[2]

This interview about the White Burhan was given to us by Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikhailov and translated by Alexei Sparky, all of whom are part of the leadership of the Light Center in Moscow and travel regularly to Altai. Please also see Prophecy in the Russian New Age, Raduga and Vadim's overview of the Russian prophetic tradition.

Raduga: Altai legends say that some time ago, when the Altai people were holding the faith of shamanism, one Oyrot maiden[3] was in the forest in the mountains when she saw a very large man on a white horse. The man said that when the hard times came to Altai, he would return as a Master and would save the Children of Light from powerful darkness. This man has been named the White Burhan.[4]

Nikolai Roerich and his wife, Helena, were twentieth-century mystics who are revered in all of Russia. Nikolai wrote the White Burhan legend in his book The Heart of Asia.[5] He said that the last battle of Light and Darkness would be at the Holy River of Time, the River of Life: the River Katun.[6] When prophecy was fulfilled, there would be the Time of Light. This Time of Light would come after the Time of Darkness.

A new religion of the White Burhan commenced from the date of the maiden's vision, and white ribbons began to appear in special places — on trees, on top of mountains, and near the holy springs.

This religion of the White Burhan doesn't have its own temples, because believers feel that the temple is Mother Nature herself. They accept all the religions and faiths of the world, and know of the different messengers: Muhammed, Buddha, Christ, and Moses.

More and more people "see" this White Burhan on a horse in visions, on the subtle planes.

We, also, had a chance to see him once, when we were leaving the Akkem River Valley.[7] We were at the place where you first see Beluha, where the path goes down to the Akkem River. There, seven years ago, as we were saying good-bye to Beluha, we both saw a vision made of clouds: a big man on a horse. There was also a feeling of energy-made-manifest in the clouds above Beluha. The man's arm pointed toward the Akayook or Seven Lakes Valley[8] that is known as "earthly Shambhala."

Vadim: Anyway, this Oyrot maiden asked, "When will you come, O White Burhan, to set free my people?" He answered, "When everyone can see the third peak of Beluha, this will be the sign of my return."

Most people see that Beluha consists of two peaks. The highest is the eastern, at 14,783 feet, and the western peak is 500 feet lower than that. In a specific state of consciousness, in meditation, you can clearly see a lavender sphere in the space between the two peaks. It forms a kind of triangle between the two peaks and the sphere, and this is the "third peak."

So we ourselves saw this tremendous flow of energy entering the top of Mt. Beluha that causes the shining between those two peaks, the "third peak" of the prophecy.

This energy touches the center of Beluha and connects with the flow from Mother Earth, so the energy from above meets the energy from below, and produces some kind of wave that spreads out from there.

For about eleven years, we metaphysically studied the area of Beluha, and we found the specific points where the top of the waves intersect with the surface of the earth.

We have discovered that if you do group meditation in these specific places, it appears that the thoughtforms — the energies of the virtues of the group — are immediately spread across the Earth by these waves. Every kind thought of love and gratitude during the meditation is broadcast throughout the Earth.

Carol: I first went to Beluha, four years ago, because I was invited in a dream by beings who called themselves "The Council of One Hundred." And when I was there at Beluha, I saw some of this group in a vision, and they appeared to be white, glowing. They said they called themselves, for human purposes, the White People.

I have heard others talk about the White People, but I don't have any context except my own personal experience. I am wondering if you know what this Council of One Hundred might be.

Raduga: Do you remember, I have talked to you about the legend of "Hundreds of Ivans"? These hundreds of Ivans are Warriors of Light. This legend says that there is a council of one hundred — a council of wise people that is the council of the Spirit Warriors.

The new legends of Altai say that the spirit of the hundreds of Ivans is manifest in the Akkem Valley. That is why when we walk the path to Beluha along the Akkem River, every time we meet a person and say hello, we look straight into his eyes, trying to recognize the spiritual warrior in him.

Not everyone can walk this hard route carrying a heavy backpack. And when you go there for a long time, like for a month, it is very difficult. That is why some people call these pilgrims duhabortsi, "those who struggle toward spirit."

Vadim: In February, 1989, when Uranus entered Aquarius, a very big ball of ice and snow cracked from the mountain, leaving in the bare rock the image of a woman. This lady is walking to the right, or West. She has the face of the Mother of Jesus, and in her hand she holds a cup with fire. You can even see the structure of the face if you look at it from Akayook Valley.

A hundred warriors with Russian helmets are coming after her. People call her the "Guide." This also is a fulfillment of the prophecy that the Mother of the World will appear and a hundred warriors will come after her. These warriors symbolize the army of Ivans.

Raduga: If you look to the mountain to the right, you can see that the "Guide" is striding up the slope of the mountain, and on this other mountain, you can see the face of an Eastern Wise Man with a special scarf.

Vadim: The face on the right symbolizes Russia's new goal, the aim — and the feminine part is going toward this aim. The woman leads the way.

Raduga: Helena and Nikolai Roerich wrote a lot about different Russian prophecies in their books. And their teachings of living ethics — Agni Yoga, the fiery yoga — was given in the Russian language for the holy land of Russia.

The Roerichs said that the masters of wisdom — the adepts Master Morya and Master Kuthumi who worked with them -- told them about the spiritual world of Russia, about prophecies that are going to take place in Russia, and about the sacred role of Altai in Russia.

The masters asked Roerich to organize a golden community in Altai for sisters and brothers of Light. They were asked to build a temple at an altitude of about ten thousand feet, the temple of the all the teachings together. Even higher, there was to be a place where people could meet with adepts. That had to be somewhere near Beluha.

There are three levels: the valley,[9] the temple, and the level of meeting with masters.

All of Roerich's international work, in America and other places, was directed toward that aim. He created the Roerich Museum, the School of United Arts, and the society of artists in America in 1922. Those societies had three levels. Then the Roerichs went to India, and knew that they would return to Russia.

I repeat that the Roerichs had specific prophecies connected with Russia. Only the war prevented them from fulfilling their aims. In 1926, Roerich went to Moscow with a message from the Mahatmas, the masters of wisdom. The message was that you cannot build community with force. However, the Mahatmas were really glad about the ideas of community and collective consciousness. One of the books of Agni Yoga is called New Era Community.

Roerich called Russia the "country of great heart." According to the Law of Time, Altai is a bio-region of the Dragon, and the Dragon is a cell of the resurrection of the Earth. New prophecies have come to us and also to well-known clairvoyants that if humanity will understand the role of sacred Altai that is connected with the salvation of Mother Earth — with life in harmony with Mother Nature, with the life in Love — then humanity will realize that it cannot destroy Mother Earth any more.

Then we will realize that we are all one, and we are a cell of the big body of Mother Earth. Then the prophecy that has a joyful end will be fulfilled. But the choice is ours, humanity's, because the prophecies also say that if we will not change, something terrible can happen for the race of humanity that is living on Earth right now.

That prophecy that came to us in Altai was this: The Mother of the World appeared in a rainbow aura above a big waterfall, and we heard the sound of many small bells around us. Then the Mother of the World unveiled her face, and her shining almost made us blind. It was so amazing and powerful, this shining.

And her very deep and powerful voice sounded around us and inside of us. "The time has come," the voice said. This was just before the workshop of Argüelles at the Katun River, so we realized that this was the time of fulfillment of the prophecies of the coming of the great forces of light.

We had taken thirteen crystals with us during our journey, and we had a special meditation on the sacred symbol of the Fruit of Life, placing a crystal at the center of each of the thirteen spheres that make up this sacred symbol. In each mineral was a positive thoughtform connected with the future of humanity. These minerals were from the confluence of two rivers: Katun and Kapchal. Kapchal is a masculine energy and Katun is feminine.

Vadim: At the point where the masculine and feminine joined together, we put our crystals into the river, and the water that was flowing past these crystals took all the positive thoughtforms and spread them all the way down the river to the ocean.

Raduga: The spiritual work that our group did fulfilled the specific prophecy that was given to us about the battle of the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness at the River Katun. So we ourselves received the prophecy of the same meaning as the ancient prophecy of the last battle of the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness in Altai. And this specific time was indicated to us. That is why we understood the meaning of the vision of the Mother of the World unveiled, and the Mother saying, "The time has come."

Vadim: And now we are going to talk a little bit about the most important prophecy that is connected with the mission of Russia on a planetary scale. This is directly connected with the work we just described, that we fulfilled last year at the River Katun.

We have talked about the fact that the consciousness of the West and all the religions of the West are oriented towards the East, which represents the hierarchy of Light and the principle of the soul. And we have said that the consciousness of Russia in its hidden form is looking at the Cardinal Cross -- the pure spirit of Shambhala. This is the North direction (see the companion article to this one, Prophecy in the Russian New Age.

The factor of time is connected with this North aspect. The first aspect, that of our Father, is connected with time.

There is a prophecy that people will transition to another dimension. The magnetic poles will change, and, according to Drunvalo Melchizedek's Alpha and Omega teaching, we — all the humanity as one life — will go into the higher overtones of the fourth dimension.

When that happens, the purpose of the East direction, the purpose of all the religions, will have been fulfilled, because we'll all be together in the consciousness of unity.

During this transition, some parts of the continents may go under water. Many scientists know that. But the main part of Russia, especially Siberia and Altai, will be the same. It will not go under water.

After this change of poles, the climate in Russia will change. The climate and territory will be very good for living. People from all the continents will gather to the ex-Motherland. And when they do, they will remember their primary language, the language they forgot, the language of the Fifth Race, the ancient Hyperborean people who are called the Aryan Race.

This is the language on which Sanskrit is based. And Russian is the modern language that is closest to this primary language.

Raduga: The Sanskrit language and Russian language are very close to each other.

Vadim: So the new prophecy says that the modern Russian language will be connected with the ancient Sanskrit and that will come the closest to the one language that people will remember. So the Russian language is very important.

The powerful language of the Fifth Race is connected with ancient vibrational codes. These ancient vibrational codes can be expressed through the Russian language.

Carol: I've seen this set of symbols that are supposed to pre-date Russian. Is this what you are talking about?

Raduga: Yes.

Vadim: Right now, according to the prophecy, at the point of the transition to another dimension, very ancient souls have gathered here in Russia. These souls have a very long and profound experience on Earth, so we can call them old souls. That's what Drunvalo also said.

Raduga: These souls incarnated in Lemuria and Atlantis, and now they are here in Russia. Very old souls.

Vadim: Therefore, the love that is imminent in the hearts of Russian people will be enough for those who would come from all different areas. And together with Russians, they will form one community on this territory.

During this era of Aquarius, Russia is re-orienting from the East to the North. So all of us who gather at this transition point to another dimension — no matter what race, what language, what faith — will have a new religion of synthesis, and this religion is oriented toward Shambhala.

Our consciousness, by this time, will be at the levels of the hierarchy of light, the levels of Unity consciousness: very high levels. The spirituality of Russia is now in the process of preparation for this re-orientation.

Raduga: We also have to say that, still in Russia, there is very warm welcoming, especially in the villages and small town, where people are very open, and they still don't lock their houses, and they are very glad for every guest that comes.

Carol: This I know.

Raduga: They don't fear a stranger who knocks at their door. They meet every person in a kind way, with love.

And now, among many Russians, there is a way of community living, of living together. This is not coming from the previous Communists. It was even before that, it is the root of the Russian soul. It's the common way of life of Russian people. That's the way of life in which we all work together, all solve problems together, and create things together.

Many of my American friends say with small envy, "What real friendship you have among yourselves. To you, the friendship is first, before money, before comfort." And that's truly the reality of Russian people. It's not only in small villages or hidden places in Russia. It's also in towns. Neither business nor money nor other things can change this deep friendship.

That's why most of the Western world is lost right now. Nor does the Eastern world have this, because there are castes and hierarchy in the East.

Therefore, Russia has a unique, special path. But I would like to repeat that we don't feel ourselves to be special people or higher people. We are very happy that we still have such things inside of us, and we are very happy to share it with the whole world.

This is why the Roerichs, when they had special requests from the Masters of Wisdom, called Russia the "country of heart," the holy country, the special country: the sanctuary.

Carol: So how do the travails of Russia at this time relate to all these prophecies?

Raduga: We are growing by these hardships. These tests strengthen our spirit, and keep us from becoming fat and lazy, like the rich man who cannot get into heaven. Therefore, we understand these difficulties in Russia, and accept them. The most important thing is that which is connected with the spirit.

You can really feel those hardships when you live outside the big cities. The spirit of the Russian people is really a very great spirit. We bow to the ordinary people, the working people, who believe in the future. They work from dawn to dusk every day, and maybe they don't attend the different workshops, and don't do any practices, but they live in harmony with nature, and they meet the dawn and dusk, they talk to trees and flowers and grass and lakes and animals. The simple ordinary people live with the deep faith in one Creator, no matter what religion and nationality they are.

We've gotten used to difficulties. Our country has always been in a difficult position: during tsarist times, during Soviet times, and now, when the market is opening here and is trying to overpower and destroy this really deep Russian soul.

Vadim: It is well known that each country, like each human being, manifests its own chakra system. There is a very ancient symbol, the labyrinth, that mirrors the path of evolution of our consciousness. The colors of the lines of the labyrinth correspond to the colors of the chakras.

Raduga: There are remnants of ancient labyrinths in the islands to the north of Russia. In the "Sacred Sites" issue of Spirit of Ma'at, there is an article about labyrinths.[10]

Vadim: The first line when we enter the labyrinth is the yellow line, which represents communication, will, control, control of other, the control of every aspect in every region: That's what Drunvalo says. That's America; that's the manipura center, the solar plexus center.

After completing the yellow line, we go to the orange line, which is right relationships between the feminine and masculine, right sexual relationships, and right family relationships.

After that line, we go to the red line. First we were at the solar plexus, the third chakra, then to the second chakra, and now to the root chakra, the lowest. Here, we have to actually live: know how to live in any condition, in any life. If we lose everything, we have to continue on. If we lose our job, money, family, so there is nowhere to go, there is only death, it is like going on the edge of a knife. There is no way to left or right. This is the longest line in the labyrinth.

Only after we finish and make the 90-degree turn do we enter the green line, which is the heart center. So Russia is at the end of the red line, and only a short period of time remains before this 90-degree turn. The Russian consciousness will very soon enter the new consciousness of the green line, of the heart.

India is in the same situation. Everyone is poor, everything is dirty and broken. That is why India and Russia are connected. Every president in India, before he takes power, has to write his interpretation of Bhagavad Gita, the holiest, most popular writing of ancient India. So their government is a spiritual government.

We all have to go through the red line. Russia has been treading the red line for a long time. Other countries, those with a lot of money, will suffer a lot before they enter into that heart area because of their relationship with money and business.

Christ said that first you have to lose everything, and then you talk to God with prayer in your soul and your heart, and only after that will you open your heart.

And so, now, Russia is at the moment of the 90-degree turn toward its heart.


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  3. The Oyrots are the holy people of Altai.
  4. The name Burhan means "master of the Altai people" and also "master of the holy place of Altai." Every mountain pass, every holy spring in the mountains, is called burhan. As this indicates, all of these powerful places are really one.
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  6. The Katun begins on sacred Mt. Beluha, loops through Altai, and then joins with the Biya River to become the mighty Ob River, which flows, finally, into the Arctic Ocean.
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