Magic Quilts

In 1983, shortly after a profound "awakening" dream, Carol began making wearable art and quilts, appliqued with images from her visions. Soon, new friends began commissioning pieces for use in their healing practices. They said that the pieces had "power" that was helpful to them in their healing work. Over the next few years she made more than a hundred unique pieces, mostly for healing practitioners. Gradually, she shifted from appliques to dyes and fabric paints as new products became available.

Within a day or so of when a piece was commissioned, she would "see" an archetypal image in her mind's eye, which she would use for that piece. Invariably, this image had special meaning for the future recipient. One day, as she was making more and more of these quilts, she had the alarming thought that shemight run out of images. That night, she had a dream that was like a slide show: a new image flashed into her mind every second—for the whole night. She awoke with complete certainty that she would always see whatever image she needed to.

Generally, these pieces incorporate the full color spectrum, and the balance of yin and yang. Some of these images were published in the poetry book Presents photographically or as line art.

This collection also includes "peace quilts" that were made to foster friendship between the Americans and Russians. One of these was signed by thousands of peace-loving Americans; another was signed by most US Senators, US Representatives, State Governors, and several members of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. See Peace Quilt Project for complete information.

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