Organizational Information

Are you waiting for your own personal invitation to enter your spiritual work?
Here it is in the Tablets of Light, which were translated from Light into words by Carol Hiltner, as the result of her spiritual quest to the sacred Altai Mountains of Central Asia. Carol has been instructed to use these Tablets as a tool to assist you on your own spiritual path.

Within a sacred circle, draw exuberant inspiration, and access your own knowing and wholeness.

Using the Tablets as the structural inspiration for a series of powerful experiential exercises, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover what it means to be on a spiritual path, and why is the time now;
  • Clarify what spiritual work is;
  • Find your personal spiritual compass—assess what your spiritual work is
  • affirm your commitment to a spiritual path;
  • Then take those insights of wisdom and love out into your world!

This is written as a 3-hour workshop, although a weekend workshop format is also available. My suggested price is $35 per person, including my fee, and organizational expenses, such as advertising and hall rental.

This is an ideal activity for a spiritual study group. We have found that advertising outside of your group generally brings new people (sometimes a lot of new people) who can greatly enhance the continuing vitality of your group.

Thank you very much for your interest. I can be contacted at