Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace

“You will accomplish what you set out to do.
You will know everything you need to know,
when you need to know it.”

Every aspect of our experience leads to this moment.
The web of the universe is spun and re-spun in each
moment to make a cradle for our collective birth.


    I’m supposed to know we’re separate:
    We don’t intersect, we are two.

    But we are no more contained
    By our bodies than the perfume
    Of flowers is contained by their form,
    Or songs by their singer:

    I feel the wash of your emotions
    Like a bird aloft feels the wind—
    As the first ambience in which I float
    From my first soaring moment ’til my final glide.

    So when I imagine separateness,
    It’s like trying to sort your air from mine.

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