Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace

“We are all one. You are safe. You are loved.”
As our awareness expands to the true knowledge
of ultimate unity of all space and time,
all fear will transmute into ecstasy. Once again,
we will have knowledge of all the ancient secrets.

    Cho no ’quah

    I walk

    Being light
    I carry not the shadows
    that weigh humanity.

    I have released the shields
    I held to shut in my pain, out of feeling
    As they slid open—I found
    I found a new lightness—in feeling

    The feeling of my selfness,
    My realness—worthwhile,
    So worthwhile that all else is eclipsed
    with lightness!

    So light, I soar, that joy is my new name
    And clarity is my embodiment
    And love is the fragrant breath
    That illuminates my being.

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