Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace

“You will find it easy to do
the work we have requested of you.”

Our gestation in the fluid womb of Gaia is complete.
Humanity is now being reborn—in absolute love—
as one multi-faceted soul. The key to an easy birth
is to relax into the experience.


    Like the spring that gurgles
    From the ground
    And sparkles laughingly down the glade
    I giggle with my wealth.

    For out of the well-springs of eternity
    Flows my existence.
    Deep-sourced and crystalline,
    I gush out my joy and send it forth.

    Should I contain my mirth, or rather
    Could I even
    Contain my laughter to be certain that
    Others don’t get wet feet in my puddles?

    Or perhaps I can just invite
    All who wish
    To drink of my ecstasy and
    Splash in the diamond brilliance of my love.

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