Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace

“This is the time you have been waiting for.”
We must recall that even in the material universe,
time is at once cyclical and harmonic.
The Mayan legacy points toward the years 2012-2013
as the culmination of a 52,000 year cycle,
which humanity has experienced as “history,”
is already giving way to an expanded human perception
encompassing all time simultaneously.

    You Are Nothing

    “You are nothing,” they told you.
    Indeed, it is truth—though probably not as they meant it.

    You are nothing, like the air is nothing
    As it sweeps in iridescent whorls ’round our blue-streaked home;

    You are nothing, like the great breathing Cosmos is nothing;
    Inconceivable void, keeper of secrets;

    You are nothing, like the pause before the breaking of the day;
    Like the hush into which an orchestra plays its first note;

    You are nothing, as we all are nothing—
    Infinite in our Nothingness, mere imaginers of the Possible—

    And out of that, my friend, springs All.

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