Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace

“Please come.”
Material man awakens to the larger reality that
love energy is the force that empowers our universe.
Perhaps science can tell us how the cosmos functions,
but only the soul can tell us why it exists.

    Soul of Magnificence

    O soul of Magnificence,
    Put down your shield.
    It is your own spear
    Which pierces your armor!

    How far from the ways
    Of mankind must we travel
    Before we see that
    The shackles are of our own making?

    And the cruellest dungeon,
    Into which no light enters
    Is but our own construction—
    Nothing external could hold us,

    Except as we imagine it can;
    But why imagine that,
    When there are symphonies to be played
    On the harps of the wind?

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