Organizational Information

Uncap your creativity! Release your inner child into your outer life!

Play with paint, as a metaphor for your limitless creative power. Understand the sacredness of your every act, as you discover the unique beauty that you and others create with ease.

What Is Art?

Most of us have been taught that an artist must be a certain kind of person, and that work must have certain form and be considered beautiful to be real art. And, no matter how talented or creative we might be, our own art has probably been severely criticized at some point.

According to Jose Arguelles, the guru of New Time, “Time is Art.” In other words, every moment that you spend consciously results in “art.” Our ability to create, of course, is a God-given function of our humanity. Therefore, this workshop is actually a master class, because we are all masters of our own creativity, and our creative efforts are, by definition, art.

What Will We Do?

Well, I won’t tell you how to draw. And I won’t evaluate what you have created. Because the basic idea is that you already know—you just have to re-awaken your consciousness.

I will create an opportunity and invoke a powerful, creative group energy within which you are invited to access and explore, using paint on paper as a focus.

After a brief introduction and orientation, we will paint, with acrylic paints (which are, in my experience, the easiest type of paint to work with) on large format paper. You can paint with your brushes or with your hands. You can paint energies (also known as abstract), or forms, or both together. You can be wild or precise, or wild-and-precise at the same time. You will be encouraged to pay attention to the magic that others around you are creating.

In creativity, there is no such thing as a mistake-only different results from what you expected. So, as you free yourself from your expectations, simply, you will amaze yourself and have a huge amount of fun in the process.

Then, we will lay out all the pictures in the middle of the hall, and if you wish, discuss what we have done and how you felt as you did it. You are encouraged, of course, to take your creations home to share with your family and friends.


These are generally 3 hour sessions. $35 per person per session includes paints, papers, brushes and supplies. The organizer will need to add whatever is necessary for organizational expenses, such as advertising and hall rental. This is an ideal activity for a spiritual study group, especially those interested in the Mayan calendar.

We have found that advertising outside of your group generally brings new people (sometimes a lot of new people) who can greatly enhance the continuing vitality of your group. The only constraint to the number of participants is the size of your meeting space (and the availability of tables, if your group needs them). We have always had at least 15, and as many as 200 people, all painting at one time.

I recommend more than one session if possible, because deeper personal access is available in each subsequent session, after you have had a chance to digest your experiences.

Thank you very much for your interest. I can be contacted at