Round 1
Precession of the Starry Crown:
The Re-Emergence of the Sacred Masculine

acrylic on canvas, 2009, 80 x 100 cm

Artist's Statement

It is widely accepted that the feminine aspect has been suppressed by "civilization." And there is great hope in the world that balance will be restored as the Age of Aquarius dawns. During the Piscean Age we have only known polarity, in which the masculine must decline for the feminine to rise.

But I have been given a vision of Unity, in which the feminine and masculine recognize that they are both Life—but only together. In this vision, the rising of the Sacred Feminine depends on the concurrent rising of the Sacred Masculine.

To paint the 52 visions of the "Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine" in 2008—a creative explosion—I embodied the archetypal Sacred Feminine energy and then painted what came through me. I didn't think about what might follow when I completed the series. So I was surprised by the realization, immediately upon finishing the paintings, that next, I was to paint 52 images of the Sacred Masculine.

Because of the ease with which I had embodied the Sacred Feminine, I had become aware of how deeply feminine I am, despite all of my "masculine" skills and undertakings. I wondered how I could possibly embody the Sacred Masculine into my feminine body to make the masculine paintings.

But I am accustomed to miracles these days, and I had a deep confidence that I would know what I needed when the time came. So I scheduled a month to paint, again in Altai, during the summer of 2009. I bought the paints and prepared the canvases, and still I had no idea how I could make the paintings.

Finally, the day before I was ready to paint, I awoke with an understanding from my dream: "It's not a matter of being masculine in a feminine body, but of coming to a still point, of the place of peace within—like the high point of swing—the moment of suspension, of weightlessness." And in my dream, I had felt that still point. Then visions the Sacred Masculine archetypes came up to meet me at that threshold, and I painted.

Itís a kind of alchemy, I suppose.

All of these paintings, along with the Sacred Feminine series and two previous series, are now hanging at "Beluha Portal." The doors there are open to you, should you pass that way. Photo reproductions are available and proceeds support cultural sustainability in Altai (see