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The Amazing Story of Sierra Leone with Jariatu Sesay—November 2002
Through a decade-long civil war and its aftermath, this African country has experienced the extremes of hatred and forgiveness. Told by a woman who grew up there and has spent her adult life helping to heal her people

The Breathing of the Earth with Vladislav Lugovenko—July 2003
A Russian scientist has proven not only that the Earth breathes, but that her breathing is affected by comets, sunspots, and—most importantly from the perspective of Creative Consciousness—human thoughts and deeds. Our prayers really do affect the Earth.

Drumming and the Language of the Heart with Simone LaDrumma—October 2002
Simone LaDrumma has devoted her life to “ecstasy.” For now, that means drumming, and summoning through the drumbeat the voices of the ancestors.

Free Energy and Spiritual Responsibility with Jeane Manning—March 2002
Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolution, thinks that the apparent hold on new energy technology is more than just an issue of giant cartels and the fossil fuels industries. It also has a spiritual basis.

Free Energy: Getting There, Being There
The Implications of Making This Happen in Our World—March 2002
What are the future scenarios for converting to free energy? And what does our world look like when we do?

From Gangbanger to Teacher of Peace with Bob DeSena—November 2002
Former gang member Bob DeSena got his “epiphany“ when an important mentor committed suicide. Today, he helps create miracles in New York schools and streets. What he says will tug at your heartstrings—and fill you with new hope.

Fulfilling an Ancient Prophecy: The White Burhan of the Altais
with Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikhailov—January 2003
In the Altais of Russia, a prophesied consciousness called the White Burhan is being born. Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikhailov have actively participated in the drama of the prophecies’ fulfillment.

Heat Pumps 101—April 2002
These overunity systems are now widely available to heat and cool your home—and for many other applications—at an energy savings of 400%.

How to Do Shamanic Journeying with Shiela Baker, M.A.—June 2003
For many people, the shamanic journey with drumming is the easiest method for contacting inner guidance. In this article, a very gifted natural shaman and teacher explains just how it’s done.

The Iroquois Confederacy: Our Forgotten National Heritage
with Dr. Donald Grinde, Jr.—May 2002
Dr. Donald Grinde, Jr., illuminates for us many of the differences in our culture that stemmed from Native American contact, including our form of government.

Islam and the Divine Feminine
with Mother Tynnetta Muhammed—October 2003
An incredible, if not revolutionary, glimpse of the Goddess that lies behind and beyond Islam as we know it. With Mother Tynnetta Muhammed.

Islam: The Way of Submission with Qazi Asad—February 2003
For the followers of Islam, Allah’s revelations to the Prophet Muhammad represent His ultimate and final word. Islamic religious practice consists of submitting one’s will to this word, which can be summed up in the Five Pillars of Islam.

José Argüelles and the Great Calendar Change—January 2003
For the High Priest of the New Age, a calendar change means putting humanity back on a footing of Oneness in time and synchronicity with nature. It could make the difference, he says. And it has to happen by 2004.

Laughing as a Meditation—November 2003
Staff writer Carol Hiltner has been channeling laughter meditation. Her hilarious take on life is a breath of fresh air that you, too, can invite into your life.

Mayan Time and the Sacred Feminine with Lloydine Argüelles—October 2003
Lloydine Arguelles describes the Dreamspell Kit and how we can use it to rebalance our energies in harmony with natural time.

On the Road to Campaign Finance Reform with Doris “Granny D“ Haddock—May 2002
An entertaining and inspirational conversation with Doris “Granny D“ Haddock of New Hampshire, who was 89 years young when she decided to walk across the US in behalf of campaign finance reform. And the bill she sought is now the law of the land!

Prophecy in the Russian New Age
with Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikhailov—January 2003
Raduga Romanova and Vadim Mikhailov are keepers of ancient prophecies regarding the world in 2003 and beyond, and Russia’s part in the world’s 90-degree turn into enlightenment.

Russian Heart, American Mind—April 2003
Staff writer Carol Hiltner has been to Russia ten times in the past decade. Without her dedication and the contacts and friends she has made there, this issue would not exist. Here, she explains to us why Russian spiritual consciousness is so important to Americans.

Shamanic Conscious Dreaming with Biven Mamonta—May 2003
Shamans enter the Upper, Lower, and Middle worlds of the dreamtime directly from a waking state, taking their consciousness with them. Siberian shaman Biven Mamonta talks about how this is done and why we might want to learn how to do it ourselves.

Water Purification: New AquaDisk Technology from Russia
with Leonid and Elena Izvekov—December 2002
Two Russian scientists, Leonid and Elena Izvekov, have developed an astonishing new technology for purifiying water and making it live again. It began with Russian shamans and uses the principles of Sacred Geometry. And the Izvekovs have scientific proof that it works.

The WaterCard: From Russia With Love with Victor Vergun—December 2002
This article, and the technology described in it, goes way off into the realms of miracle. For Victor Vergun, they’re not miracles at all. They’re just “business as usual.“ Really fascinating and mind-opening!

Yoga Magic—January 2002
Three yogis discuss the use and abuse of magic powers in the Yoga discipline, and how they are developed.

Zolotov’s Birthday Party—April 2003
Well, it was supposed to be an interview. But with superpsychic guru Boris Zolotov, nothing is ever what you expect! At the 10 a.m. culmination of an all-night birthday party, he sat our writer down in front of more than two hundred celebrants, and ...