Opening the Heart:
The Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine

acrylic on canvas, 2008, 80 x 100 cm

Artistís Statement

What is "sacred feminine"? And why would it be "re-emerging" at this time?

The sacred feminine can only be experienced or felt. It cannot be readily expressed words, because words necessitate the linear thought patterns, while the sacred feminine is multidimensional.

So, there are no words for these pictures—no titles, no appropriate descriptions. These images are archetypal, which means they are all already familiar to our inner worlds. We have a "gut" response to them. Any attempt at explanation is secondary. The feminine simply IS.

Fundamental changes in the energy soup of our universe are now manifesting in our physical reality, as forces ruling our existence have begun the inexorable pendulum-swing back from the sacred masculine polarity toward balance.

These paintings offer access into this change.


For four years, these images gestated inside me—as the physical world aligned itself to receive them. I received the inspiration (and the information that there were to be 26 paintings) in 2004, before I sold my house to devote my full resources toward planetary service. I was able to prepare the canvases and make a small start on the paintings before leaving the house, expecting to proceed with the paintings immediately. But the canvases gathered dust in my storage space.

The opportunity finally arrived, however, here in my beloved Altai in May, 2008. In 2007, Leonid and Tais Bolgov made a permanent, open, exhibition space in their "Belukha Portal" meditation Center in Ust-Koksa, the nearest town to the holy Ak Sumer (Mt. Belukha), for my two previous Altai-inspired series ("Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace," May, 2002; and "Beloved of the Cosmos: Paintings for the 13-Moon Calendar," May, 2003). And they offered both studio space and a home for the "Heart Opening" series.

In September 2007, I laid out the stretched canvases in my daughterís back yard, and gleefully completed the backgrounds—a playful process of daubing and smearing colors. It is within these "random" backgrounds that I am able to "see" the emergent images, which I then enhance and clarify so that others can see them as well.

I rolled up the 20 kilos (44 pounds) of canvases and lugged them from Seattle; I had a stash of paints already in Moscow; and Leonid arranged for stretcher frames to be constructed in Ust-Koksa from aromatic kedr wood.

I was glad to have the backgrounds already prepared, because that step is messy and uses a lot of paint, which is both heavy to carry, and can take a long time to dry. I could set aside only a month for painting, and I had not yet looked at the backgrounds to find the images, so I didnít know what I would be painting. But my experience is that archetypal images simply appear to me when I am ready—and so it was, this time. The birthing was a creative explosion—26 paintings in 26 days.

However, when the 26 paintings were finished, the visions continued. See "Heart Opening 2" for what happened next.

These paintings, "Heart Opening: The Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine" along with my two previous series, are now hanging at "Beluha Portal." The doors there are open to you, should you pass that way. Photo reproductions are available and proceeds support cultural sustainability in Altai (see