Explanation of the Symbology of the Altai Books Logo

There are two strands of symbology for the Altai Books logo.

The first is a graphical representation of Mt. Beluha, the sacred white mountain in Altai, where there is a gate to the mystical Shambhala, through which healing love energy flows out onto Planet Earth. This energy is palpable in the vicinity of the mountain.

Mt. Beluha has three peaks, the highest of which is in the center. The downward pointing triangle represents the depth of the mountain’s foundation into the Earth. Looking south at the mountain from Lake Akkem, the white massif is flanked by two black-rock pyramid-shaped peaks.

The second strand of symbology relates to the central part of the logo—that which most people recognize as a “star of David.” However, the star pre-dates Judaism and is one of the most profound symbols of sacred geometry.

It is not actually a flat star, but rather, two super-imposed tetrahedrons—the one pointing up represents the masculine aspect, and one pointing down represents the feminine. Together, they represent wholeness—Unity beyond duality.

And, like so many esoteric symbols, the tetrahedrons spin—on the vertical axis, in opposite directions. (The spinning tetrahedrons as they relate to the human energy field are discussed at length in the book The Secret Teachings of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek.)

The Website Banner

Although sacred Mt. Beluha is firmly grounded in the Earth (and, being white, embodies all color frequencies), the mountain is a key gateway for the Earth's respiration with Spirit through the seventh or “crown” chakra—so it is surrounded by the purple color frequency of that chakra.

Through the breathing of the Cosmos, Mother Earth and we, her children, are nourished with life force (see Vladislav Lugovenko's article for an interesting scientific discussion of this breathing). From Earth, this breathing Cosmos appears to be indigo, the color frequency of the the sixth chakra (“third eye”).

In the heavens over Mt. Beluha, the Great Bear (Big Dipper) constellation rotates forever around the Pole Star. The bear is well known as the symbol of Russia, but it is actually esoterically related to Shambhala and Mt. Meru (the mythical World Mountain in the far north that figures as the abode of God in Tibetan lore). Mt. Beluha is, of course, directly north—far north—of Tibet. (See the book Dawn behind the Dawn: A Search for the Earthly Paradise by Goeffrey Ashe for a fascinating archeo-anthropological discussion of the Great Bear, the World Mountain, the Great Mother, the twin gods Apollo and Artemis, and the lucky number 7—there are seven readily visible stars in the Great Bear. All of these are traceable to Altai.)

Mt. Beluha is held, in many mystical strands, to be a conduit for spiritual energy onto the planet. I, Carol, have been there and experienced exactly that. So, the use of this symbology on this website represents my intentions for this website—and for my work—to be a conduit for spiritual energy onto the planet.