photo by Nataliya Bragina

Grand Opening of Carol Hiltner's new series of paintings
Opening the Heart: Re-Emergence of the Sacred Feminine,”

Altai • July 10, 2008

In Ust Koksa in May 2008, Carol Hiltner accessed the fabled Altai
energy, and was able to paint 26 powerful paintings in 26 days.
Sales of reproductions will support Altai Mir University programs.
On July 10, a group of about 30 local enthusiasts celebrated the
grand opening of the permanent exhibit at the Portal Belukha
Retreat Center in Ust Koksa, with a tour of the paintings,
followed by an exuberant concert and picnic.

2006 International Altai Expedition & Peace-Mapping “Summit”
Siberia • July 14 - August 3, 2006

Set your compass on peace, and map out your critical path in this high
mountain valley, a place renowned for its spiritual power and harmony.
During our visit, we will facilitate a major environmental clean-up.
In collaboration with WorldViewz.

Be Joy, Paint Light!
Uncap your creativity! Release your inner child into your outer life!

Play with paint, as a metaphor for your limitless creative power.
Understand the sacredness of your every act, as you discover the
unique beauty that you and others create with ease.

Watch a Flash slide show of the “Being Joy, Painting Light!” playshop in Moscow.
And see the report on the “Being Joy, Painting Light!” playshop at the
Time Is Art Gallery in Ashland, Oregon.

Please Come!” Awaken Your Consciousness thru the Tablets of Light
Are you waiting for your own personal invitation to enter your spiritual work?
Here it is in the Tablets of Light!

Within a sacred circle, draw exuberant inspiration, and access your own
knowing. Then take those insights of wisdom and love out into your world!

Poetry and Book Readings / Exhibition Openings
Entrain your heart to the rhythm of the spoken word. Find encouragement for
your spiritual journey through the way-markers of Carol Hiltner’s powerful and
pungent metaphors.

Contribute your thoughts to discussion, and come away with a richer mulch for
spiritual exploration.

Are you an organizer?
Do you want this fountain of creativity for your group? We can help, with flyers,
press releases, and an article for your newsletter or website.

Contact Carol to arrange workshops.

Exhibition of Carol Hiltner’s magical visionary art can be scheduled to coincide
with the workshops, giving you a great opportunity to publicize, and attract
new people to your group.