Author and artist Carol Hiltner lives,
as one friend says, “in her heart,
the way a fish lives in water.”

photo by Sunny Gagliano

Carol Hiltner has been actively facilitating the shifting of human consciousness toward world peace since the mid-’80s (beginning with herself), when she began the Peace Quilt Project, working with diverse groups to create peace quilts in cooperation with the Center for Soviet/American Dialogue.

In the ’90s, she helped found two on-going humanitarian projects: MAMAS Advanced Communications for Communities in Crisis and Recovery working in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan; and MiraMed Institute, working with Russian orphans. She also published Presents, a volume of her collected poems and drawings.

More recently, Carol has published The Altai Chronicles: Tablets of Light —a book describing her mystical adventures in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, which has also been published in Russian. She has a second book about Altai coming, and has been writing for the Spirit of Ma’at e-zine. (Carol’s articles)

Additionally, she continues to make paintings of her visions related to the shifting energies of humanity and Planet Earth. Carol’s paintings can be seen in the gallery. Although Carol is based in Seattle, USA, she is now traveling full time giving exhibitions and playshops to share the “light.”

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