Beloved of the Cosmos
Paintings for the 13 Moon Calendar by Carol Hiltner
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•  Four faces of God:
    -  in repose;
    -  observing creation;
    -  laughing with delight at creation;
    -  in delighted repose
•  Mountains as energy centers in the
   spine of the Earth
•  Luminous center of meditation
•  The gestation of the noosphere—
   humanity as one organism
•  Harmony—the Sun as nurturer
•  Dancing flames
•  Flying horses arrive from Sirius
•  Flower gushes life force
•  Atlantean temple
•  Dawn of Aquarius
•  Galactic being
•  Fairy gathers the dew
•  Tunnel between dimensions
Our precious, blue planet Earth is the focus of intense galactic love and hope, and help on the eve of her long-foretold interdimensional re-birth. And we humans, as Earth's sentient "skin," must synchronize with her—literally "be together in time."

The 13 Moon Calendar is a powerful tool to enable us to align ourselves with that most fundamental harmonic of creation—time.

When I asked Spirit for the images for the calendar, with them I received the affirmation that Earth is the "Beloved of the Cosmos." To me, these images communicate love, grace, and compassion in the context of the intrinsic oneness of humanity and Earth.

A major premise of the Mayan prophesies as set forth by Jose Arguelles is that the chaos in our current world is driven by the disharmonic Gregorian calendar, and that re-orienting ourselves with the 13 Moon Calendar (which is profoundly aligned with the Cosmos) is necessary for a smooth planetary transition into the Aquarian era.

Altai and the Mayans are linked in countless ways by this transforming power, which can be summarized by the Law of Time: Energy (Time) = Art.; and symbolized by the Banner of Peace out of Altai, in which the red balls represent science, spirituality and art respectively, and the red circle represents Unity.

In the Altai Mounains of Siberia is a primary gateway to Shambhala, through which the spiritual inspiration and power flow to humanity to make the Aquarian shift.

Therefore, I, who am spiritually instructed to spread the message of Light as it comes to me from Shambhala through Altai, use my time and energy to create mystical art for the 13 Moon Calendar, which incorporates the science and spirituality of the Mayans and can weave together our fractured contemporary world.

I set an intention in May, 2002, to paint the images for the Thirteen Moon calendar. When I started preparing the canvases around the first of May, I had not yet received any images. Around the sixth, I got four vivid images, and, a week later, four more, and the rest came one or two at a time over the following week. There was a very clear sequence to the images. In all, it took me about a month to paint the images.

These calendar images seem to be evocative of beginnings and arrivals. I tried to paint them as they appeared in my mind’s eye, although painting light and light beings is an interesting challenge.

The images were given to me specifically for this calendar, and only appeared after I had prepared the canvases.

Two of the images came with graphic symbols embedded in them. I recognized the symbol in Number 10 as representing Aquarius. I don’t recognize the symbol in Number 4, but I think it is some kind of mutile swastika: it is multidimensional and spinning, but is “visible” only in the position in which it is painted on the canvas, as though some sort of harmonic pulse catches it at that exact point.

There are a few other details: the star out of which the flying horses are coming in Number 7 is Sirius; and the four faces in Number 1 are actually the same face appearing both simultaneously, and sequentially from left to right.

The paintings are approximately three feet by four feet—acrylic on canvas. Beautiful limited edition prints of these images are available.
Banner of Peace