Carol Hiltner
Carol Hiltner’s calling is to help “bridge” Russian and American spirituality for the benefit of the planet. For two years, Carol Hiltner wrote for the Spirit of Ma’at e-zine (Drunvalo Melchizedek, Editor-in-Chief), mostly with interviews of extraordinary people—experts on topics related to the “awakening” of humanity.
The Lure of Russia with Carol Hiltner by Emma Rigge—April 2003
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Vladislav Lugovenko
For the past decade, physicist Vladislav Lugovenko has investigated cosmo-terrestrial fields and the breathing of the Earth. He has been for the past 25 years the director of a laboratory studying anomalous magnetic fields at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Wave Propagation in the scientific community of Troitsk, outside Moscow. • Research of Temporary Variations of the Cosmo-Terrestrial Field, 1991-1999
• See also in Spirit of Ma’at e-zine The Breathing of the Earth
with Vladislav Lugovenko by Carol Hiltner—July 2003

José Argüelles
José Argüelles continues to astonish. He is an extraordinary mystic and prolific writer; his most recent works being the multi-volume Cosmic History Chronicles. José and Carol Hiltner became acquainted when José was giving a seminar in Altai—reconnecting the magic of Altai and the Mayans.
Report on Altai Mission—2001
Carol Hiltner's report on the same Altai Mission
• See also in Spirit of Ma’at e-zine José Argüelles and the Great Calendar Change
• José’s Pacal Votan Project and ISRICA (below) are collaborating on a Global Telepathy Experiment. This is radical science. Check it out!

International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmic
Anthropoecology (ISRICA)
(in Novosibirsk, Russia)
Cosmic anthropoecology is a new science, prognosing and studying the cosmophysical regularities of evolution of protein—nuclear and field forms of living substance and intellect on the planet Earth, developing the global autrophic technologies to provide preservation of the planet, biosphere and human as well as social-ethical future of humankind in the Universe.
2007 interview of Alexander Trofimov by Carol Hiltner
2012 interview of Alexander Trofimov by Carol Hiltner
2016 interview of Alexander Trofimov by Carol Hiltner

Global Spiritual/Ecological/Noospheric Assembly
Chaired by Lyubov S. Gordina—Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Expert of HEC and of the Council on Parliamentary Ethics of
State Duma of the Russian Federation, Academician of the
Academy of Safety, Defense and Law Problems, State Prize Winner.
Universal Noosphere Spiritual/Ecological Constitution—
New World Outlook Realization by Lyubov S. Gordina

The Spiritual Role of Russia
The Healing of the Nations—Russia: Its Ray and Astrological Influences is about the spiritual role and aspects of Russia according to Alice Bailey; excerpted from an article by Jacki Elphinstone

Carol Hiltner in Presents
Written mostly in the late ’80s, these poems
document the author’s spiritual awakening.

Carol Hiltner Unpublished Poems
Although focused in other directions in the
’90s and ’00s, a few wonderful poems dropped
into the author’s consciousness.