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Altai Books is a vehicle created by mystic Carol Hiltner to bridge Russia and America through the translation and dissemination of spiritual ideas, documents, and images. (Explanation of logo)

By any account, this is a time of great change for Mother Earth and us, her children. Many prophecies point toward the importance of Russia as a spiritual beacon in these transitional times.

American artist/writer Carol Hiltner has been collaborating with diverse organizations and individuals regarding Russia for almost twenty years. Among these organizations, internationally, are:

Among the many individuals are, in Moscow, Alex “Sparky” Klimenko and Victoria Yakovleva, Zhenya and Dr. Viktor Vergun, Alexandre Rubakin, and Dr. Juliette Engel; in the US, Susan Barber and Linda Hawkin Israel. Among the immortals, special thanks to Thoth, Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, and the Council of 100 of the “White People.” Please see links for more affiliations.

The Altai Mountains (maps, photos) are, by many accounts, both mystically and archeologically, the spiritual “power source” for Russia and the world. This pristine place of healing in exactly the center of the Eurasian landmass is where mystics from time immemorial have met with the etheric “White People” who are associated with Shambhala, (the spiritual governance of the planet). Archeological findings of the last several decades point to an ancient civilization in these “Golden Mountains” as the source of a global diaspora that could explain the commonality of mystical traditions around the world.

Many prophesies point to Russia’s emergence as a spiritual leader at this time, and Russia is truly in the midst of an immense spiritual renaissance and a new spiritual diaspora. It is this renaissance that Altai Books supports.

Now. “This is the time you have been waiting for!” according to the etheric Tablets of Light that were revealed to Carol Hiltner in Altai.

As guided by Spirit, using every tool and resource we can access.

In 2006, Carol founded Altai Mir University (an American nonprofit organization) to support the unique indigenous culture of peace of the Altai Republic of Russia. We will assist a multi-regional coalition of educational institutions, governments, businesses, and NGOs to implement cultural and technological tools for sustainability in inclusive, capacity-enhancing ways.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us!

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