What is the power source for Siberian shamanism and how can you access it?


by Carol Hiltner


Siberian shamanism is empowered by an extremely strong energy vortex centered at Mt. Belukha in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia. This article will discuss 1) the nature of this vortex, 2) a brief history of human interaction with this vortex, and 3) how you can access its power. Intersecting ideas in archeology, quantum and subtle energy physics, and oral history all shed light on this phenomenon.


What is the Altai energy vortex and how is its power imparted?

We exist in a living, holographic universe.[1]

The Earth is a living, breathing being of the type “planet,” as much as you and I are living beings of the type “human.”[2]

The thing that defines “life” for each type is the specific wave characteristics of our electromagnetic energy flow. “Flow” is the operant word here, because electromagnetism is, by definition, in motion—spiral motion in a “positive” or “negative” direction. The flow operates similarly to the “current” that lights up our houses, but human current is much more subtle. Our electromagnetic instrumentation is now sensitive enough to record the subtle human flows.

Generally, earth energy is negative, receiving, grounding; and sky energy is positive, giving, enlivening. In generic terms, sky energy is the food of life.

The vortex at Mt. Belukha is the Earth’s equivalent to an umbilical cord.

Sky energy, so powerful that it has been and can be seen by mystics for as far back as we can trace, is funneled into the planet at this place. It looks very much like a human umbilical cord, except it is immense. And, Mt. Belukha is located in almost the exact center of the Eurasian landmass, similarly to the central location of the human umbilicus.

The energy of the vortex heals us because our weaker fields are entrained in it.

The impact of an electrical charge is called a “field.” A remarkable characteristic of energy fields is that a weaker field will take on the resonance of the stronger field. Established medicine uses this characteristic diagnostically for MRIs (Magnet Resonance Imaging). Healers and gurus use it with their clients.


What is the human experience with this energy vortex?

The usual immediate response upon entering this energy field is disorientation—physically, emotionally, spiritually. The experience could be compared to stepping onto a moving walkway, except more prolonged because the adjustment is bigger. For many people, the most noticeable effect is emotional irritability as shut-down emotion—actually blocked energy flow in some aspect of the individual’s field—is re-activated by it proximity to the more powerful field of the vortex.

The longer-term response is improved health. The understanding of human health as a function of energy flow in the body is re-entering Western awareness through such Eastern “wholeness” practices as acupuncture. Since the energy flowing through Altai is pure life-force, the health of people entering that energy field is enhanced.

Ancient Russian legends describe an enlightened culture that existed in Altai before the last ice age—a people called the Aryans. When the climate changed because of the ice age, the people of this culture scattered throughout Eurasia and across the land bridge to the Americas, spreading the power of Altai through the spiritual practices that we now call shamanism. On-going archeological work and genetic research is demonstrating that such legends are accurate oral histories.[3]

The spiritual leaders of this culture changed dimensions, which we might call death, except that, down through the millennia, they have continued to appear as glowing, translucent white beings to people in that region (and continue appearing).They identify themselves as “White People.” “White Supremacists” have misunderstood the identity as racial rather than spiritual and have tried to usurp this extraordinary power. However, humans can be deceived, but the power cannot be usurped.


How can you access and use the power of Altai?

Altai energy can be accessed in two different ways:

Through the lineage of shamanism:

In the U.S. today, there are a few resident or visiting bona fide Siberian shamans. However, the traditional shamanic role is clan-based, meaning that each shaman serves and is supported by his family group or tribe. In the past, they have neither taught shamanism to outsiders, nor even shared the ceremonies, except in particular, privileged circumstances.

Such constraints have also been true for Native American shamans, although openness has been increasing in recent years.

There are, however, teachers who have studied shamanism—in Siberia and elsewhere—and convey information about the practices in writing or through seminars.

When the cultural overlays are stripped from shamanism, what remains is not an indigenous “religion,” but a powerful set of personal spiritual tools for healing and spiritual guidance inherited from the Aryans, that are accessible to everyone.

Through direct contact with the energy field:

The whole Altai region, which spans the borders of four countries in Central Asia, is a magnet for people seeking healing. Mt. Belukha (at 14500 feet, the tallest mountain in Siberia) is the high energy centerpoint. The mountain spans the Russia/Kazakhstan border, and lies within a few miles of China and Mongolia. The Himalayas lie directly to the south, beyond the high Xinjiang Plateau of China.

In Russian Altai, tourist camps dot the countryside. Spiritual communities settle here. And healing herbs from the wild cornucopia of indigenous plants (many of which grow nowhere else) are in demand all over Russia because of their purity and potency.

Access to this region by foreigners was restricted during Soviet times by the government. In present times, access is restricted by the extreme remoteness. The limited access has served to insulate the region fairly effectively against the incursions and pollutions of modern society, and protected its extraordinary ecosystem. One doesn’t go through Altai on the way to somewhere else—Altai is the ultimate destination.

However, the direct contact can also be made through meditation, dreams, and personal revelation—not just through physical presence. Because Altai is a primary source for planetary life force, we are all connected to it. And simply by knowing about it—as you now do—the energy can be consciously accessed and used to facilitate personal and global wholeness.


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Carol Hiltner (Carol@AltaiBooks.com) is an internationally recognized author and artist who facilitates peace by bridging Russian and American spiritual cultures. She is organizing the 2006 International Altai Expedition and Peace-Mapping “Summit,” July 14–August 3 (www.altaibooks.com/trekinfo.htm).

The shaman photo was taken by V. Doubrovsky (www.gotosibiria.ru).